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Stereolithography (SLA) / Digital Light Processing (DLP)

In resin technologies, SLA (stereolithography) / DLP (digital light processing), the processed material is a material in the form of a photosensitive resin. The polymerization process is carried out by the laser energy (SLA) or matrix (DLP). Livestock technologies are used in a wide range of applications, e.g. automotive, biotechnology, medicine and jewellery. High precision of parts and a wide range of materials constitute additional advantages of these technologies. Advanced geometry requires support structures. In most cases, they must be removed mechanically. If support structures cause problems in your project, check out SLS.
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What are the benefits of SLA / DLP?

Benefity technologii SLA / DLP​

Benefit #1

High precision and smoothness of 3D printed parts

Benefit #2

A wide range of materials

Benefit #3

The possibility of producing parts with high transparency

Benefit #4

Specialized materials intend


Standard resin

The most popular resin, which, due to different manufacturers, is named differently. It provides a good quality/price ratio. Available colors: transparent, white, gray, black.

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Resins imitating the properties of engineering material: ABS-like, PP-like

Resins similar in mechanical properties to ABS and PP.

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Flexible resin

Resin similar in properties to rubber (Shore 80A hardness).

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High-temperature resin

Resin for applications operating at high temperatures (HDT above 200 °C).

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Super clear resin

Material designed for application where high transparency, e.g. flow simulations, is required.

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Foundry resin

Material designed to leave minimal combustion products when removing the model from the mold. Used in the foundry. If you are looking for casting material for larger series and larger dimensions, check out SLS / Primecast

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Dental/medical resin

Designed for medical application. It is compatible with EN-ISO 10993-1:2009/AC:2010, USP Class VI and SO 20795-2:2013. If you are looking for a different material with medical certificates, check out  SLS/PA12

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Costs and Lead Time

What influences resin costs and lead time

Want to optimize costs?

Want to optimize costs?

Resin technologies design guidelines

For SLA/DLP technology, we recommend that you follow these recommendations:

Zasady druk 3D

Minimum hole diameter 2 mm

Zasady druk 3D

Minimum wall thickness from 0.6 mm depending on the geometry

Zasady druk 3D

The access to areas with a bottom bracket should be secured in order to remove it

Zasady druk 3D

Positioning pins should be at least 3 mm thick/medium

Not sure about your design?

Not sure about your design?