Explore how our services can help you speed up and perfect your production from the first idea to the final product

Additive Manufacturing Services

No matter if you just want to outsource your manufacturing or extend its capacities with involving a trustworthy partner, or simply looking for perfect your own processes, we are at your service.

OEM Contract Manufacturing

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing


Explore the potential of AM run by professionals


Reduce costs for a new business model in cooperation with digital storage


No need to adapt factory space to demanding requirements of AM systems


Enjoy the quality offered at the highest level

You see the potential in additive technologies, but you are afraid to make an investment? Do you want to begin but have no needed resources? Explore our contract partnership offer. Together, we will work out a solution and prepare your dedicated business line with the top in-house engineering support. We will meet your standards to let you take full advantage of the additive technologies benefits.

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Batch Production

Benefits of Batch Production


Order the series and reduce product costs by up to 50%.


Receive the series within the same time as for a single prototype


Order the whole set of customised parts in a time unattainable for traditional technologies

A growing number of companies are starting to use additive technologies for serial production. With high repeatability, the elimination of tooling and transition from conventional storage system to digital storage, we can shorten the supply chain and save costs at the same time. In addition, the ability to customize products and make structural changes at every stage of the project proves to be an advantage, making redesigning not necessarily expensive. As a result, the product life cycle can be reduced without incurring high costs.


Tooling and fixtures

Benefits of Tooling and fixtures


Help your employees increase productivity and quality by implementing customised tools


Implement specific holders and stands in a few days


Create a moulding tool for your products


Help you quality team by applying custom gauges

Are you trying to improve your production process, eliminate operator errors and bring quality to the next level? Use additive technologies to optimize your process by creating tooling, Poka-Yoke templates, inspection mock-ups as well as dedicated mounting brackets and CMM fixtures. Don't be limited by your manufacturing capabilities. Simplify the upgrade to Six Sigma level.

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CAD design, research and development, prototyping and product innovation services.

Industrial design is one of the most crucial part of every product development. If you do not have the capacity to carry it out at the highest level, we are here to help you. From R&D, to CAD Design and Prototyping, we offer you a wide range of services.

Research & Development

Do you need comprehensive support for research and development? Thanks to our years of experience in R&D projects, we can back you up in the fields of material, technological and design. Using additive technologies and material testing laboratory, we are able to perform tasks from TRL 2 to TRL 6.
If you are working in a technology startup and need an assistance with incubation, solution development and MVP development, please contact us and see what we can do for you.

CAD Design

You have a project you would like to complete. You need to outsource construction tasks to relieve your team. Maybe you just need a product and you are looking for a digital model ready for production. Our design department will help you handle the task and thanks to our manufacturing capabilities you will order a prototype and verify the constructions under the same roof.


Do you have a new product to launch and need to validate its design and functional assumptions? Or maybe an existing component is no longer available or too expensive to produce? With the help of additive technologies, you are able to work against technological limitations without using expensive equipment. It is a perfect solution for prototypes and piece production. Save time and introduce your ideas instantly. Be one step ahead of the competitors.