Automotive Industry & 3D printing

A series of purchasing meetings for the automotive industry is taking place in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most important is Automotive CEE

Medical industry and 3D printing services

3D printing supports the medical industry by providing personalised orthopaedic products such as orthoses, prostheses and shoe insoles. Orthopaedic products manufactured using 3D printing technology

OTWorld 14-17.05.2024 in Leipzig, Germany

OTWorld is one of the most important international events for the orthopaedic and rehabilitation industry, bringing together experts, manufacturers, medical professionals and company representatives from

3D printed parts in design Blees BB

Congratulations on the successful design of the first Blees BB-1 autonomous minibus. We are delighted that our innovative composite parts and 3D printing have found

3D printed ornaments in festive Cracow

In Cracow innovation meets tradition with 3D printed Christmas decorations. In addition to the advanced powder SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and MJF (Multi Jet Fusion)

Dzie艅 Fibonacciego

Fibonacci Day – 23rd November 2022

Today is Fibonacci Day – 23rd November 2022. Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Leonardo Fibonacci, found and described mathematical relationships that are embodied in