Fibonacci Day – 23rd November 2022

Dzień Fibonacciego

Today is Fibonacci Day – 23rd November 2022.

Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Leonardo Fibonacci, found and described mathematical relationships that are embodied in many scientific fields such as finance and biology. The most famous of his works is the Fibonacci sequence, in which each number in the sequence is the sum of the last two numbers, starting from 0;1.

Optimised over millions of years of evolution, the most perfect geometries were created by nature. In many cases, they are described by the Fibonacci sequence. Only recently have engineers found inspiration in nature. As a result, among other things, the structures they create are becoming lighter, which often proves decisive in construction and mechanics.

Bionic shapes are complex and therefore expensive and sometimes impossible to produce using conventional approaches This is where 3D printing comes in, as it allows non-technological geometries to be produced without increasing costs. The Fibometry team is at your service, because being inspired by nature is our passion.

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